Our Mission

Ben Shaffer Memorial Golf Classic

April 22, 1958 – May 20, 2015

On May 20th 2015 our community lost our friend, mentor, father, husband, colleague, educator; Dr Benjamin Shaffer.

On Monday, September 16th 2019, we will host the Third Annual Ben Shaffer Memorial Golf Classic at the Lakewood Country Club in Rockville, MD to honor and celebrate the legacy that Ben has left behind.

Ben’s death is a tragedy and one that we will never really comprehend. As some of you may know, Ben was plagued with the struggles of mental illness. Our mission in establishing this event is to educate our community, both professionally and personally, on mental health, while utilizing Ben’s life as its voice. Mental illness is no longer a topic that should only be discussed in quiet, sterile doctor’s offices; but rather brought to the dinner table and shared with friends and family.

We want to empower our community members to understand it, learn about it, and work to treat and heal people like Ben who suffered so greatly from it. We hope that this event continues to bring awareness and support to mental health, and helps to remove the stigma that so many face every day. Proceeds from this event will benefit an organization that reflects and illustrates Ben’s lasting impact on all of our lives:

There are not enough hours in the day to describe Ben’s character to you, and if you had met him only once or knew him for many years you understand this sentiment. His presence was electrifying, contagious and always entertaining.  Ben, no matter how busy, would stop and help anyone that asked him for advice or counsel – his heart was greater than his intellectual mind could sometimes handle! He was brilliant; always creating and always moving. He taught many how to be compassionate, kind and hardworking individuals – whether medically related or not. His love for his family was paramount and the driving force behind his desire to succeed at all things in life. He maintained close, intimate meaningful relationships with his family, close friends and colleagues. You could always call Ben.

The Ben Shaffer Sports Medicine Endowment fund has been established to honor his forever love of Sports and Medicine. This fund will support future academic endeavors. Ben as we all know loved medicine, teaching, and perfecting his skill sets in and out of the operating room. His zest for learning and life was evident every time he walked into his patient’s room, the operating room, or stepped up on the speaker podium. This fund will continue to honor the academic excellence he strived for daily.